Monday, April 4, 2011

Anime Detour 2011

Anime Detour's Records for 2011

(Since this is the last GOC panel I'll be running, I've included everyone in the records breaking or not.)

Team Red: Football 3ft 1in
Team Geometry: ????? 8in
Team Inuyasha's Pokemon Delivery Service: Tiger Lily 3ft 1in petal to petal
Team Murasaki Airship Captain Lucielle: Starbox 2ft 3in and Balloon box 3ft 8in
Team USA Chan: Ninjastar 2ft 4in
Team Phoenix: Paperhat 2ft 1 1/2 in
Team Cat: Mushroom 1 ft 10 in
Team Sneaky Bandits: Crane 3ft wingspan
Team Quack: Duck 3ft 3in bill to tail
Mystery guy: rabbit ??? ft

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