Thursday, November 4, 2010

YoumaCon 2010

YoumaCon's Records for 2010

Team Mishi Origami: Japanese Castle 2ft 4in tall
Team Solid Snake: Snake 10ft 7in long

No new record by still cool.
Team Miones: 9 1/2 in lotus

Monday, June 21, 2010

M.A.C.! 2010

Minneapolis Anime Convention (MAC)'s Records for 2010

Team Mushroom: Mushroom 5ft wide
Team Ninja Star: 8 point ninjastar 1 ft and 6 in
Team Angelfish: Angelfish 10ft tall. 9ft 3 in head-tail
Team AWESOME: Crane wingspan of 11 ft and 3 in (breaking Anime Iowa's record.)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Anime Central 2010

Anime Central (ACEN) 2010's records

Team Lucky Star: Lucky Star 1 ft and 4 in
Team C.C.P.: Goldfish 3 ft and 8 in
Team Froglegs: (jumping) Frog 3 ft and 2 in (breaking AnimeDetour's record)
Team Ninja Pig: Pig 9 ft and 10 in
Team Satisfaction: Lily 3 ft and 2 in

Anime Detour 2010

Records for Anime Detour 2010

Team Drunkards: Cup 5 ft and 5 in across 4 ft and 1 in height
Team Robot Unicorn Attack: Lotus 1 ft and 4 in
Team Companion Cube: Water Bomb 1 ft and 11 in
Team Pocky: (jumping) Frog 1 ft and 3 in
Team Good Enough: Complex frog 2 ft and 7 in
Team Big Chibi: Dragonfly wingspan 3 ft. Head to tail 4 ft and 3 in
Team Superfast Takeout: Takeout Box 2 ft and 3 in
Team Samurai Crane: (poofy) crane wingspan 9 ft (breaking AI's record)

First Giant Origami Challenge Panel: Anime Iowa 2009

The records for AI09:
Team Meh: Poofy Crane 4ft 5in
Team Gerald: Crane wingspan of 7ft and 3in
Team Turtle Stack: Sea Turtle 2ft
Team Kitty Kitty: Ninja Throwing Star 3ft and 11in
Team Girly Girls: Butterfly wingspan of 3ft and 10in

The Challenge

The Giant Origami Challenge is a game show panel that takes place at different anime conventions.

The goal is to use the materials provided to fold the largest origami possible. The measurements of each origami is recorded and taken to the next convention where contestants try to fold even larger origami.

This blog is a record of the challenge. How big will the origami get at these cons?